From Class To Clinician

An 8 week course where you go at your own pace

How to take all your myofunctional knowledge and put it into practice with confidence.

Join us to learn more about form and function of muscles in a way you’ve never seen before, use a comprehensive intake to target exactly what your patient needs and plot out your treatment plan in a systematic way.

Weeks 1 – 4
Focused on muscle knowledge in depth

Weeks 5 – 6
Learning about TMJ & reading CBCT’s in depth

Weeks 7 – 8
Taking a comprehensive intake and compiling a treatment plan, like pre frenectomy expectations and post op wound care.

This course presented by Joy and Susie

Also includes:

one year access to anatomy program for study and patient education
customized 3D videos of muscle function
learn how to read a CBCT
how to navigate pre frenectomy protocol